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I studied fine art at Leeds College of Art and Design and The Nottingham Trent School of Art.

I trained as an art psychotherapist at Goldsmiths, University of London (2011-13) and worked for a couple of years as an art psychotherapist in schools, care homes and the NHS.

My practice was predominantly installation and moved towards performance and participatory work. I wanted to find more meaningful interactions and through art psychotherapy I found it. The meaning in the work was there, the meaningful interaction was there but the audience and the artist had dissappeared.

After having children, I found the emotional strain of working with trauma too difficult to balance with family life. I also felt a growing discomfort with what I had lost.

Since 2015 I have been trying to find a path back into having an audience and the artist without losing the meaningfulness of work and interaction that I learnt as an art pychotherapist. I have been mostly doing this through sound pieces and performances.

I am currently looking for a site for my plans for an outdoor installation of monstrous triffid like plants: a garden in honour of vegetal horror and re-wilding. A garden to explore why we 'unwilded' in the first place.

I am based in Sneinton, Nottingham at One Thoresby Street.


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